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At First Coast Networkers
Our philosophy is
A “Win-Win” for everyone.

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First Coast Networkers (FCN) was formed out of strong business connections resulting in numerous referrals back and forth among our members on a weekly basis. The quality of the referrals being passed results in profits, new relationships, and stronger bonds among our members.

First Coast Networkers

Every Thursday

7235 Bentley Road,
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We’re All About Referrals


– Tis Better To Give –

Listen for a need when you meet someone.

Tell the individual you know someone who can provide that service.

If you have done business with that member, share your experience.

Give out the business card of the member’s and ask for theirs as well.

Ask if it is okay for the member to contact them.

Complete a Referral Slip at the next meeting.


– But We Like to Get Sometimes 🙂 –

What is a “good referral for you?

What materials/brochures can up pass out to members?

What “specials” can you offer members and their referrals?

What would be your “dream” referral?

Give an example of how you have helped a client and how that client profited as a result of your expertise or your product/services.

“I help you grow your business as you help me grow mine.”

The “60 Second Commercial”

It all starts with an introduction:

“My name is… and I am with…


Highlight one service/product and discuss the benefits of the service, rather than the service itself. Also include what makes up a good referral for you.


“Nutshell” what you have presented and remind members of your name and business.




I offer the following products/services:

These products/services provide the following benefits:

My product/services help people by:

An example of a good referral would be:

What to look/listen for to find a referral for me:

Face to Face Meetings

The Face-to-Face meetings are designed to allow members the opportunity to get to know each other. If you take the time to learn more about fellow members and their business/services, it will be easier to refer them to others.

Face to Face

Finding New Members

Recruiting new members is a great way to exponentially grow your business and the business of the rest of the members. Work through a list of other professionals you may know and simply ask them:

“How do you get most of your business?”

This question usually opens the door to suggest they attend a meeting as a Visitor to see the group in action.
Please note
Only professions not already represented can be considered as potential New Members

New Member Mentoring Program

Week 1

Initial meeting with Mentor Coordinator

FCN overview

What is a referral

How to conduct a Face-to-Face meeting

What to say in your 60-Second Commercial

Week 2

Face-to-Face with another member, Meeting with Mentor

Review of 60-Second Commercial

What it takes to be successful in FCN


Week 3

Face-to-Face with another member, Meeting with Mentor

How to invite to FCN

Open Categories

Personal Visitor Day

Review of numbers (Thank you’s, Referrals, Visitors, etc)

Week 4

Review of Face-to-Face progress

How to be more referable

Review of 60-Second Commercial

Overview of 10-minute presentation

Preparation for Personal Visitor Day


Week 5

Review of 10-Minute presentation

Review of invite list for Personal Visitor Day

Review of Expectations/Goals

Week 6

Graduation from mentorship Program (recognition during meeting)

Personal Visitor Day

10-Minute Showcase Presentation

We’d Like To Hear From You!

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